Logo design “The Blooming Peonies in Matsue" by Oshima-Yamada Yui
A design of many peonies, from buds to large flowers, bloom in Matsue Castle with a wish for further development of research.

Precaution of attendance registration and abstract submission

For participating in this annual meeting, please register after agreeing not to tell third parties various passwords and URLs, not to record or shoot presentation screens, and not to disseminate unpublished results learned at the meeting. In addition, the presenters should understand that the risk of recording and shooting for your presentation and unpublished results will be increased at the online meeting compared to the usual meeting. Please register your abstract after agreeing to the request. Based on the consent of the participants to the confidentiality obligation, the annual committee will take measures such as stopping the recording function of the zoom webinar and setting the poster file not to be downloaded, and to prevent the participants from recording or shooting the presentation as much as possible.