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General Information

1st Announcement of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists

Tsuyoshi Nakagawa, Chairperson of the 62nd JSPP
Annual Meeting Committee

We hereby announce the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists. We hope that as many members as possible will participate. As in previous years, the meeting will be held over three days.

Due to the spread of the new type of coronavirus infection around the world, the situation continues to be uncertain. Therefore, for the safety of our members, please be aware that changes may be unavoidable depending on the circumstances. Any changes will be announced on the Society's website and in the November issue of the Society's newsletter.

(1) Date

March 14th Sunday, to March 16th, Tuesday, 2021

(2) Venue
Matsue Campus, Shimane University
1060 Nishikawatsu-cho, Matsue, Shimane 690-8504, Japan
There are several ways to get there.
Please visit the university website for detailed information.
(3) Meeting Schedule (planned)
March 13rd, Saturday

PCP Editorial Board and Editors’ Meeting, Board of Delegates Meeting (evening), other meetings

March 14th, Sunday

General presentations and symposia

March 15th, Monday

General presentations and symposia, award ceremony and award lectures (afternoon), banquet (evening)

March 16th, Tuesday

General presentations and symposia

Details of poster presentations and presentations by high school students will be posted on the “Schedule” page later.

(4) Applications for attendance and presentations
  • As previous years, all applications for attendance and presentations must be submitted online.
  • Deadlines are as follows.
    Applications for presentations, including abstracts in English: November 30th, Monday, 2020
    Applications for attendance: mid February, 2021
    Details will be posted on the website later.
(5) General presentations
  • Two types of presentations, oral and poster, will take place in the meeting.
  • Please note that due to venue constraints, participants may be asked to change the type of presentation.
  • Projector will be available for oral presentations. Presenters who need assistance in operating the projector must arrange this for themselves.
  • Detailed information for projector use, poster sizes, etc., will be announced on the website later.
  • Language and format of abstract submission are to be determined. We will announce the detail in the website later.
(6) Symposia
  • JSPP members are encouraged to submit proposals for symposia.
  • Symposia last for 3 hours and take place during the meeting either in morning or afternoon sessions.
  • The only device which can be used is a LCD projector.
  • We actively encourage presenters to hold symposia in English in order to make the meeting more international. JSPP is planning to have funding available for supporting several symposia in English (up to ¥300,000 per symposium). For details, please contact the Annual Meeting Committee Office (jspp2021@nacos.com) if more information is required.
  • Proposals should be submitted by e-mail (jspp2021@nacos.com). Please send an application file by August 31st, Monday, 2020, in accordance with the guidelines below.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent out on receipt of the proposal. Please note that if no confirmation e-mail is received within a week, the proposal has not been entered into the system.
  • We are planning to limit the number of symposia to 12. Should the number of proposals exceed 12, the Annual Meeting Committee will select the best proposals. It is likely that symposia in English will be given priority. We encourage young researchers to submit innovative proposals.
  • Each participant can make one presentation throughout the meeting, whether it be in a symposium, a general oral presentation or a poster presentation. Please bear this in mind when selecting speakers.
  • Please note that we cannot pay travel expenses and gratuities to speakers (including non-member) except for travel expenses awarded to English symposia.
< Guidelines for submitting a symposium proposal >

Please submit the following, limiting the contents to one A4 page.

  1. Representative’s name (in case of multiple representatives, please specify a contact person), professional affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  2. Title (both Japanese and English), up to 30 characters (Japanese) or 120 characters including spaces (English)
  3. Language (Japanese or English)
  4. Main points of symposium, name of presenter(s), and presentation titles
  5. Please state whether or not you are requesting funding (English symposia only). If awarded, the organizer will be asked to contribute a short report to the Gakkai Tsushin Newsletter.
  6. Existence or non-existence of co-sponsorship (If so, the name of the organization)
(7) Satellite Meetings
  • Participants wishing to organize a satellite meeting should submit an application form by e-mail (jspp2021@nacos.com) by August 31st, Monday, 2020, in accordance with the guidelines below.
  • Board of Delegates Meeting will be held in the evening of March 13th, Saturday. Please make sure that as many Delegates as possible are able to attend the meeting.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent out on receipt of the proposal. Please note that if no confirmation e-mail is received within a week, the proposal has not been entered into the system.
  • The Annual Meeting Committee will discuss the proposals and decide which of them will be accepted. Participants who submitted proposals will be informed of the committee’s decision by December 14th, Monday, 2020.
  • The Annual Meeting Committee will assist in securing a venue, arranging necessary devices, food and refreshments, but these must be undertaken by the organizers of the meeting.
< Guidelines for submitting a satellite meeting proposal >
  1. Name of representative or meeting organizer, professional affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address
  2. Name of meeting
  3. Outline of the meeting (2–3 lines)
  4. Preferred time slot (evenings of either March 13rd or 14th)
  5. Required devices (microphone, projector, etc.)
  6. Expected enrollment
  7. Requirements regarding refreshments
(8) Award-giving Ceremony and Banquet

Award-giving Ceremony will take place on March 15th, Monday, at the meeting venue (Kunibiki Messe). Banquet will take place on the same day in the evening.

(9) Abstracts

Abstracts will be available for all participants only in an electrical form. The program and venue maps will be sent to all JSPP members in advance as a form of Gakkai Tsushin.

(10) Accommodation
  • The Annual Meeting Committee Office does not provide assistance with accommodation. Please make your own arrangements.
  • Reservations should be made as soon as possible. There are many hotels in Matsue, but availability can be scarce if a number of events coincide.
(11) Childcare

An on-site childcare will be available in Matsue Annual Meeting. Application guidelines will be announced in due course.

(12) Advertisements/Displays

We are looking for corporations and groups who may wish to place an advertisement in the abstract booklet or set up a display of devices/literature at the meeting venue. Some slots for luncheon seminars are available to enhance advertising reach for those putting up displays. Details will be posted on the website later (in Japanese only).

(13) Inquiries
The 62nd Annual Meeting Committee Office
Email address: jspp2021@nacos.com

All the contacts with the Annual Meeting Committee should be made by e-mail.

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