Upcoming Meetings

The JSPP Annual Meeting is held every spring, and is held in a different location in Japan each year. The meeting is planned and organized by an Annual Meeting Committee that is established in the area where it is being held. The Annual Meeting includes opportunities to exchange information on research being conducted through general presentations and symposia, as well as receptions for participants and Council meetings for the JSPP leaders. Members may participate in the Annual Meeting and are eligible to give a presentation. The deadline for registering to participate and/or speak is typically in early December. English abstracts (PDF) of the research topics presented will appear in the Members Only page.

Click on the links for more information about the Annual Meetings. The JSPP also provides information about seminars and international conferences that it sponsors or co-sponsors.

Date  March, 2018
Meeting The 59th Annual Meeting of JSPP
Venue Sapporo Convension Center