I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the participants of the 57th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists in Morioka. Although there was some intermittent rain during the meeting, overall we were blessed with wonderful weather, warmer than usual. Mount Iwate also showed majestic appearance on sunny days! We may have some imperfections in arranging the meeting, but could successfully hold the meeting with the cooperation of all the members and staffs. In this year’s meeting, there were 1500 participants who presented their work either in the form of oral presentations, posters or symposiums, which resulted in lively discussion and exchange of opinions. This year, we attempted to implement some new measures such as submission of abstract only in English, credit card payment method for registration, and replacing mixer session with poster session with drink. We believe that these new measures were generally well accepted by the members. Particularly, making the abstract book in English provided us with an opportunity of cost saving. Most of the symposium (11 out of 12) talks were in English, which were very well accepted by the participants as reflected in their comments. It also justified the internationalization policy of the society. In addition, large number of participants attended the luncheon seminars. For high school student’s presentations, a total of 160 students from 39 high schools of 24 prefectures attended this year’s meeting. Fifty-eight interesting presentations focusing on simple but important questions were presented. As a new segment, we introduced a discussion session with the high school students and teachers before the award ceremony. The problems and hurdles of research in high school were discussed, and expert members of the society including the society’s science advisors, volunteered to answer their questions. We received excellent positive feedbacks regarding the session. We also arranged exhibition booths, luncheon seminars and nursery rooms like previous meetings.

Last but not least, my sincere gratitude to Iwate University for giving permission to make it a meeting venue, to the Local Organizing Committee members consisted of those from Iwate University, Iwate Biotechnology Research Center, National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region and Tohoku University, society secretariat, and operation staffs, who worked relentlessly to make the meeting a great success.

Thanks once again to all the JSPP members for their enormous support and wish you all excellent progress in future research.

Matsuo Uemura,
Iwate University
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the 57th JSPP Annual Meeting