It is our great pleasure to announce the 56th JSPP Annual Meeting to be held at the Tokyo University of Agriculture (TUA) Setagaya campus on March 16~18, 2015. The organizing committee of this year’s meeting is composed of the JSPP members from TUA and the University of Tokyo. This will be the first time for TUA to host the JSPP meeting since it was founded in 1891 and we are very excited to welcome all of you to this important event. The JSPP annual meeting has gained prominence with every passing year by advancing the scientific knowledge in plant physiology. We hope that this year will be just as successful as the previous meetings.

In recent years, research in plant physiology has expanded tremendously due to rapid advances in genomics and other so-called “omics” research. With these significant advancements, the Japanese proverb that says “not seeing the forest for the trees” should probably be rephrased to “seeing the tree after the seeing the forest”. In this context, seeing or examining the tree in detail will help us understand how various parts of the tree such as the leaves, branches or roots respond to changes in the surrounding environment as well as their implications in human existence. With this in mind, we encourage the JSPP members to submit papers that will reflect the many achievements in plant physiology in the current genomics era. The JSPP advocates cooperation with the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) and encourages presentations in English to facilitate the participation of the ASPB members. Gender-equal participation among members will be promoted by providing facilities and equipment for child-care.

The organizing committee will arrange a scientific program that includes various symposia, oral and poster presentations encompassing diverse areas and timely advances in plant physiology. The venue will be arranged in an atmosphere that will allow easy access to various sessions and close interactions with colleagues and acquaintances. The TUA Setagaya campus is walking distance to the Food and Agriculture Museum and the JRA Equestrian Park and a leisurely walk to these sites will surely refresh your minds and spirits. Although mid-March is usually too early to enjoy the famous Yoshino cherry blossoms, you will still get the feeling of the arrival of spring with the Kawazu cherry blossoms and our warm welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 56th JSPP Annual Meeting.

Takuji Sasaki, Ph.D.
Tokyo University of Agriculture
Chair of the 56th JSPP Annual Meeting