General Information

3rd Announcement of 2019 (60th) Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists

You are cordially invited to the 60th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Plant Physiologists, JSPP, to be held on March 13-15, 2019, in Nagoya. The meeting will cover many exciting subjects in the field of plant biology.


Please see here.

1. Registration of Participants

1) The registration desk will be open from 8:30 on March 13 (Wed) at the entrance of the venue.

2) Those who have completed their online registration: Bring the postcard for the name tag sent to you in the beginning of March, and you do not need to visit the registration desk. Please take a name tag holder at the entrance.

3) On-site registration: Visit the on-site registration desk and pay the fees shown below.

On-site registration fee (including fee for online access to the Abstract Book)
   JSPP Members: JPY 11,000 (tax free)
   JSPP Student Members: JPY 6,000 (tax free)
   Non-JSPP members: JPY 14,000 (tax included)
Banquet fee
   JSPP Members: JPY 9,000 (tax included)
   JSPP Student Members: JPY 9,000 (tax included)
   Non-JSPP Members: JPY 9,000 (tax included)
Gala Dinner fee (JTPB2019)
   JSPP Members: JPY 6,000 (tax included)
   JSPP Student Members: JPY 6,000 (tax included)
   Non-JSPP Members: JPY 6,000 (tax included)

4) The on-site registration form is available herepdf.

5) The registration desk may be congested shortly before the start of sessions on Day 1. Those who will register on-site and those who did not bring their name tags are requested to visit the desk in plenty of time.

6) Undergraduate students and junior- and high-school students can attend this Meeting free of charge regardless of their JSPP membership. In case you have already completed online registration, please present your identification card at the “general reception desk” and receive your name tag. Those who have not completed online registration should visit “reception desk for on-site registration”. Although these participants cannot access the online Abstract Book, they can download the program from the meeting website.

7) Always wear your name tag on your chest at the venue. The Meeting Committee will check your name tag.

2. Japan–Taiwan Plant Biology (JTPB) 2019
  • JTPB 2019, a joint international conference with the Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists, will be held in tandem with this annual meeting. The poster session and symposia on Day 3 will be held as a joint program with JTPB2019.
    Please see the detail of JTPB 2019 herepdf.
  • JTPB2019 participants from Taiwan can also attend all programs of the JSPP annual meeting.
  • A banquet will be held on Day 2 as a welcome party for the JTPB2019 participants from Taiwan.
  • The Keynote Symposia of JTPB2019 on March 16 will be held at Toyoda Auditorium in Higashiyama Campus. Please be aware that the meeting place on this day is different from that on Days 1–3.
3. Distribution of anniversary gift bags
  • Anniversary bags will be presented to all participants of the JSPP annual meeting in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of JSPP. The anniversary bags are limited to one per participant. Please show your name tag and receive one at Lecture Room C12 in the morning of Day 1, and anytime afterwards, you may do so at the reception desk of the annual meeting.
4. Lunch

The university cafeteria (with 650 seats) next to the venue is open during the meeting period. You can also find restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores around the venue.

5. Cloakroom

The cloakroom is located on the first floor (lecture room C14) and is open during the following hours. Please collect your luggage by the closing hour of each day as belongings will not be kept overnight. Please do not include valuables in your luggage.

Day 1:   March 13 (Wed)   8:30–19:30
Day 2:   March 14 (Thu)   8:30–18:30
Day 3:   March 15 (Fri)   8:30–19:00

6. Nursery Service

An on-site nursery service is available during the Meeting. For this service, reservation is required beforehand. Please contact the Conference Secretariat for details.

7. Notes for Presenters

When preparing figures and tables for your presentation, please refer to the website “Color Universal Design (CUD) —How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to colorblind people—” (

1) General Presentations

1. Qualification of presenters

In accordance with JSPP Article 7(3), the presenters of the Annual Meeting must be JSPP members. If you are a presenter who is in the process of enrollment, please complete the procedure and the payment of the membership fee before the Annual Meeting, otherwise your presentation will be canceled.

2. Style of presentations

The Annual Meeting Committee have tried to meet your request with regard to the type of presentation (poster or oral presentation) upon abstract submission. However, owing to the space limitation of the venue, a significant number of submissions requesting poster presentation have been assigned to the oral presentation session. Please prepare your presentation after confirming your type of presentation in the program.

3. Poster presentations

Posters should be in English. The poster panel is 90 cm (width) × 210 cm (height from the floor). Pushpins for mounting your poster are provided by the Meeting Committee.

<Posting and removing posters>

  • Those making presentation in the first half of the Annual Meeting (marked with PF at the beginning of the abstract number) should mount their posters from 9:00 to 12:30 on Day 1 and remove them anytime from 9:00 to 10:00 on Day 2. Any posters remaining after this period will be removed by the Meeting Committee.
  • Those making presentation in the second half of the Annual Meeting (marked with PL at the beginning of the abstract number) should mount their posters from 12:00 to 16:00 on Day 2 and remove them by 17:00 on Day 3. Any posters remaining after this period will be removed by the Meeting Committee.

<Poster discussion time>

  • The poster discussion for those making presentations in the first half of the Annual Meeting is on Day 1, while it is on Day 3 for those making presentations in the second half. The poster discussion times are as follows.
  • For presentations in the first half: 17:00–19:00 on Day 1.
  • For presentations in the second half: 14:00–16:00 on Day 3.
  • On both Days 1 and 3, presenters of odd- and even-numbered posters should be in front of their boards during the first and second half of the poster discussion time, respectively
  • The poster session on Day 3 will be held as a joint program with JTPB2019. The abstract numbers beginning with PT are assigned to the titles for JTPB2019 participants from Taiwan.

4. Oral presentations

  • Slides used in oral presentations should be in English. Prepare a brief summary slide in English at the end.
  • Each presentation is a 15-min slot, a talk for 12 min and discussion for 2 min 30 sec, followed by a 30-sec interval for the next speaker. To keep the session on time, please strictly follow the time limits.
  • Before the presentation, please check your slides in the Preview rooms on the first floor (Lecture Room S16). There will be no staff attending the Preview rooms. For questions, please visit the Conference Secretariat room on the first floor.
  • Only PC projectors can be used. The recommended resolution is 1024 × 768 (aspect ratio 4:3). Set the resolution of your PC to 1024 × 768.
  • The Annual Meeting Committee does not provide PCs for presenters. Presenters should bring their own PC.
  • Also, presenters should ask their colleagues if assistance is required in operating instruments and devices.
  • Presenters should take the Next Presenter’s seat and open files for presentation in their PC before the end of the previous presentation.
  • Connect the PC directly to the external monitor using the cables at the desk for the speaker. To avoid troubles, the input switch box will not be used in this annual meeting.
  • A mini D-sub 15-pin connector cable is used for the connection. If special adapters (e.g., Mac, HDMI, USB type-C) are required, please provide them by yourself.
  • After the presentation, disconnect the connector and return it to its original position for the next presenter.
2) Symposium presentations

The procedures for symposium presentations are the same as those for oral presentations except for the presentation time slots. Please refer to “4. Oral presentations” above or ask the organizers of your symposium for details.

8. Access to Abstract Book Using Application Software

Application software to access the Abstract Book from compatible mobile terminals, such as smartphones and tablets, will be distributed. The software will be available for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The software will be downloadable after March 6 (Wed). The password will be provided by e-mail after March 6. Only the participants of the Annual Meeting, except free participants such as undergraduate students and junior- and high-school students, can access the Abstract Book.

9. Free Wireless LAN Service

Free wireless LAN connection is available at the venue. Note that the number of access is not limited, but it may be difficult to connect at some locations and in some situations. Use the information on wireless LAN connection printed on the postcard sent to those who completed their registration online. Participants who have completed their on-site registration will receive information on wireless LAN connection at the reception desk for on-site registration.

10. Notes for Chairpersons

Please come to the assigned session at least 15 minutes before the starting time and notify the staff of your attendance. Please assign a chairperson to each presentation prior to the Annual Meeting.

No microphone for members of the audiences will be available in some small rooms. If the question is difficult to hear, you can ask the questioner to repeat it with a loud voice or you can repeat the question with your microphone. Moreover, ensure that the session proceeds on-time.

11. Patents

Upon the revision of “Operational Guidelines for Applicants Seeking the Application of Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Invention”, a certificate of presentation is considered to be unnecessary. Therefore, JSPP will not issue such a certificate in this Annual Meeting.

12. Prohibitions

It is strictly prohibited to photograph the contents of presentations with cameras, videos, or mobile phones, or to make recordings without permission from the presenter.

13. Contact Information and Bulletin Board
  • Contact to the Conference Secretariat
    For questions to the Annual Meeting Committee, send an e-mail to
  • Bulletin board
    Messages to participants will be posted on the bulletin board near the reception desk at the entrance. Announcements will not be made at the venue. The bulletin board is also open to participants for mutual communication; feel free to post your messages.
14. Mixer

The mixer will be held from 18:00 on Day 1 (March 13) at the university cafeteria (Mei-dining) located adjacent to the venue. All participants are encouraged to attend the mixer.

15. Banquet

A banquet will be held at the Hotel Mielparque Nagoya from 19:00 on Day 2 (March 14). It is about 15 minutes by metro from the venue to the hotel. On-site registration for the banquet is accepted at the reception desk.

3-16-16 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0004, Japan
16. JSPP Awards Ceremony and Award Lectures

Date and time: Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 16:15–18:00

Venue: Room N

*Please see the programpdf.

17. Symposia

Nine symposia will be held on Days 1 and 2 in this Meeting. For the content and purpose of each symposium, please see here. The program is available herepdf.
In addition, 12 symposia will be held on Day 3 as a joint program with JTPB2019. Please see the announcement of JTPB2019pdf.

Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 9:30–12:30
◆S01   Understanding of field plants and development of innovative techniques toward these plant regulation
◆S02   The final phase of the photosynthetic electron transport
◆S03   Understanding the plant survival strategies from the perspective of stem cells

Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 14:00–17:00
◆S04   Strategies of mechanical optimization in plants
◆S05   Metabolisms as Survival Strategy in Plants
◆S06   Plant adaptation strategies via ABA-mediated signaling in change of environmental conditions.

Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 9:00–12:00
◆S07   Find out the mechanism supporting C4 photosynthesis

Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 13:30–16:00
◆S08   How to inherit and rewrite cellular memory in plants
◆S09   Plant mineral transporters: from function to structure and modelling

18. The 15th Database Workshop

Date and time: Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 9:00–12:00

Venue: Room F

Organizers: Kentaro Yano (Meiji Univ.), Shizuka Koshimizu (Meiji Univ.)

Please see the detail and programpdf.

19. Luncheon Seminars

Registration is not required, but distribution of lunch box will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Please see herepdf for the program and contents.

◆ Leave a Nest Luncheon Seminar: Contest to Social Challenges by Plant Scientists

Date and time: Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 12:45–13:45

Venue: Room G

Sponsor: Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

PCP Luncheon Seminar “60 Years of PCP: Past, Present and Future”

Date and time: Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 12:45–13:45

Venue: Room N

Organizer: PCP Editors Committee, Sponsor: Oxford University Press

◆ Carrier Path Seminar on Gender Equality
The current status of Japanese science and technology as seen from a large-scale survey with a focus on fostering young researchers and promoting the empowerment of the female researchers

Date and time: Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 12:15–13:15

Venue: Room C

Sponsor: JSPP Gender Equality Committee

◆ Leica Microsystems K.K. Luncheon Seminar

Date and time: Day 2, March 14 (Thu) 12:15–13:15

Venue: Room G

Sponsor: Leica Microsystems K.K.

20. Satellite Meetings

Please see here for the programspdf.

◆ The 21st Plant Organelle Workshop

Date and time: March 12 (Tue) (The day before the Meeting), 13:00–18:40

Venue: Sakata Hirata Hall, Science South building, Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus) Representative Organizer: Junichi Obokata (Kyoto Prefectural University)

Cellular organelles play key roles in the development, function, homeostasis, and environmental adaptation of plants. This workshop provides an opportunity for plant scientists of various disciplines to exchange latest findings, ideas, and relevant techniques regarding plant organelles, and for communication and discussion. Invited speakers will address topics, including chloroplasts, mitochondria, other cellular organelles, and whole plants from the molecular level to the environmental level.

This workshop is free to all participants, but they are encouraged to register at our website. People who wish to join the mixer after the talk session should register at our website below by Monday, March 4. Beer, soft drinks, and food will be provided at a cost of 4,500 yen per person (4,000 yen for graduate and undergraduate students).

Contact addresses:
   Takuya Matsuo, E-mail:
   Kensuke Kusumi, E-mail:

◆ 4th Workshop on Photosynthetic Bacteria

Date and time: The day before the Meeting, March 12 (Tue) 13:30–17:00 Venue: Room C

Organizers: Dr. Jiro Harada (Kurume University School of Medicine), E-mail:  Dr. Yusuke Tsukatani (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), E-mail:  Dr. Chihiro Azai (Ritsumeikan University), E-mail:

Anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria are now subjects for various fields of studies including biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, biophysics, bioorganic chemistry, microbial ecology, etc. This workshop invites speakers talking their latest achievements and provides new insights into studies on anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria through discussion. Registration fee is free. After the workshop, we will have a banquet (fee: about 4,500 yen). To resister the workshop and/or banquet, please fill the Entry Form ( (deadline, 03/01/2019). We are expecting your participation.

◆ The 37th Meeting of the Japanese Society for Young Plant Physiologists

Date and time: Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 19:15-20:45

Venue: Lecture room, 1st floor of ITbM building, Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus)

Organizers: Rumi Amano (Kyoto Sangyo University), Tatsuya Nobori (Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)

This meeting offers young scientists and students the opportunity to exchange information and discuss topics related to research and career development. We invited two speakers to share their own stories with us. Dr. Akito Kano is an R&D researcher at Takii Seed company studying crop protection from pests and diseases. Dr. Keiko Kuwata is a Chief-Coordinator of ITbM Molecular Structure Center, Nagoya University, providing supports on Mass spectrometry. No registration required to participate in this meeting.

Meal boxes will be provided at the meeting upon request. There will be an after meeting gathering with the speakers and participants. Please register for the meal boxes and/or the gathering at by March 6.

More details are available on the meeting website (

Contact addresses:
   Rumi Amano:
   Tatsuya Nobori:

◆ The 2nd Meeting of Plant Mathematical Modeling

Date and time: Day 1, March 13 (Wed) 19:00-20:30

Venue: The 5th lecture room, 1st floor of Lecture building, Graduate school of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus)

Organizers: Hironori Fujita (National Institute for Basic Biology), Munetaka Sugiyama (University of Tokyo)

This meeting is aimed at gathering together researchers and students interested in mathematical models in plant science regardless of whether they are experimental researchers, theorists, beginners, or experienced, and to exchange information and deepening friendship. This meeting is also aimed at building a community in this research field, and is planned to be held continuously in annual meetings of JSPP and BSJ. In the meeting, invited speakers will talk about their collaborative research between experiments and modeling. This meeting is free to all participants, and if you are interested please feel free to join us.

21. JSPP Committee Meetings
The day before the meeting, Tue., March 12

9:00–10:00 [Science and Agricultural Building SA329]
   PCP Editors Board pre-Meeting

10:30–16:30 [Science and Agricultural Building SA329]
   PCP Editors and Advisory Editorial Board Meeting

14:30–16:30 [Lecture Room C10]
   Public Relations Committee Meeting

16:00–17:00 [Room N]
   Directors’ and managers’ Meeting

17:00–19:30 [Room N]
   Board of Delegates’ Meeting

Day1, Wed., March 13

12:45–13:45 [Lecture Room C10]
   JSPP Awards Committee Meeting

12:45–13:45 [Lecture Room S15]
   GMO Working Group Meeting

12:45–13:45 [Lecture Room S14]
   Gender Equality Committee Meeting

Day2, Thu., March 14

12:15–13:15 [Lecture Room C10]
   Gathering of Science Advisors and Public Relations Committee Members

Day3, Fri., March 15

12:55–13:30 [Lecture Room C10]
   International Committee Meeting

16:00–17:30 [Conference Secretariat Rm]
   Annual Meeting Committee Meeting

“2nd Announcement of 2019 (60th) Annual Meeting”

“1st Announcement of 2019 (60th) Annual Meeting”