About spread of the novel coronavirus infection
*The 61st Annual Meeting is cancelled


The 61st annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiology will be held in Osaka for 3 days from Thursday, March 19 to Saturday, March 21, 2020 at Suita Campus of Osaka University. We will do our best to satisfy all the participants at the Osaka meeting through the cooperation of the members of the academic society in the vicinity of Osaka University.

We hope that this year's meeting will see an increase in the number of graduate students, young researchers, and participants from various research areas learning about new trends in plant sciences. In addition, we would like to make the annual meeting an event that is easy for foreign students and foreign researchers to participate in. For example, there is a project for graduate students to learn about companies and research institutions in relation to job-hunting activities. In addition, a high school student presentation that was interrupted last year will be given.

The results of plant science from Japanese researchers are highly acclaimed internationally and lead the world in various fields. In addition to the friendly atmosphere of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiology, I feel that the ease of exchange of opinions, joint research, cooperation in research, and information sharing support the ongoing development of plant science in Japan. The annual meeting is limited in time, but it provides various roles and effects such as the opportunity to develop research, gain hints for solving experimental difficulties, learn new and rational experimental and analysis methods, and hear researchers' opinions before writing a paper. With your cooperation, we will strive to have a meaningful year. There is still have some time before the annual meeting, so we would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

The members of the Osaka Association are looking forward to the participation of many members.

Chairperson of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Toshiya Muranaka