Regulations for the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists Award Selection

Enacted on December 13, 2014

Amended on July 20, 2022
Amended on Feb 10, 2024

Article 1

The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (hereafter referred to as “JSPP”) shall grant the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists Award (hereafter referred to as the “JSPP Award”) to JSPP regular members or honorary members who have made distinguished research findings in plant science.

Article 2

The research findings for which the award is granted must have been published within the past decade in principle. The candidate must have been an individual member of the JSPP for at least the past five years including the selection year. The research findings need not have been obtained within Japan.

Article 3

Candidates can apply for the JSPP Award through self-nomination or nomination by a JSPP member. Candidates shall submit a JSPP-prescribed application form and relevant documents to the JSPP Headquarters by the designated date in September.

Article 4

The JSPP Award Committee (hereafter referred to as the “Award Committee”), which is organized under the regulations for the Award Committee, shall select awardees from among the candidates and report the selection result to the President by the end of October. As a rule, the Award Committee should select no more than one candidate per fiscal year. However, there may be years without candidates. One of the important criteria in selecting an awardee shall be whether the candidate has performed a central or leading role in the research that has formed the basis of his/her application for the JSPP Award.

Article 5

The President shall notify the selection result to Directors in a written form, and the awardee(s) shall be determined by a resolution of the Board of Directors, for which Directors who have been nominated for the JSPP Award shall not have voting rights.

Article 6

The President shall present an honorary certificate and commemorative gifts to the JSPP Award recipients at the award ceremony of the JSPP Annual Meeting. The awardees shall contribute a review article to Plant and Cell Physiology. The awardees resident in Japan shall give an award lecture at the Annual Meeting.

Supplementary Provision
These regulations shall take effect in the 2015 fiscal year.