Plant & Cell Physiology

Plant and Cell Physiology (PCP) is the official publication of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists. From its inception in 1959, the title has included "Cell" to place emphasis on the fact that the Journal focuses not only on plant physiology, but also on botanical research at the cellular and subcellular level. It was with great foresight that "Cell" was included from the Journal's debut and that PCP retains this basic character even today.

Among the topics covered by this international journal, readers will find original articles presenting the latest information on physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, gene-engineering and cell biology as they pertain to plants and microorganisms. We became an online journal in 2000 and introduced online submission and refereeing on manuscripts in 2002. The volume each year consists of 12 monthly issues and our impact factor is now 4.927 (for 2020).

  • IF: 4.927 (2020)
  • 5-y-IF: 5.516 (2020)

In cooperation with the other five top journals in the plant science field, we communicated a "Free Flow of Ideas, Information, and Materials" declaration in 2000. Plant and Cell Physiology is now recognized worldwide as one of the truly outstanding journals in plant sciences.

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Research Highlight: First authors

  • Jessica  Erikson

    Jessica Erikson

  • Kenshiro  Watanabe

    Kenshiro Watanabe

  • Kenji Hashimoto

    Kenji Hashimoto