Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (JSPP) Awards

JSPP gives a number of awards to promote research in plant sciences. The JSPP Outstanding Contribution Award is administered by a devoted committee according to specific guidelines. Other JSPP awards are managed by the JSPP Award Committee according to the JSPP Award Committee Terms of Reference.

JSPP Award

The JSPP Award is granted to regular and honorary members who have made extraordinary achievements in plant science research (Nomination was started in 2003, and award presentation in 2004).

JSPP Young Investigator Award

This prize is given to promising young plant science researchers under 45 years of age or with fewer than 23 years of research experience (including time enrolled in graduate school and excluding time for maternity and childcare leaves) who are members of the JSPP.

JSPP Outstanding Contribution Award

This award is given to ordinary and honorary members who made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of plant science and JSPP (nominations started in 2004).

JSPP Plant and Cell Physiology Award for the Paper of Excellence

This award is presented to creative authors who published internationally prominent articles in Plant and Cell Physiology, the peer-reviewed journal of the JSPP.

JSPP Special Award

This award is for individuals and groups, either JSPP members or non-members, who made significant contributions to the development of plant science in Japan.

JSPP Fellowship Award for Young Investigators Conducting Joint Overseas Research

In order to foster internationally oriented young researchers, this award encourages and supports talented young researchers who are interested in leading a short-term project at overseas labs. (Nominations started in 2006, and terminated in 2011 due to lack of funding).