Winners of JSPP Award

Year Winner Affiliation Title
2017 -    
2016 Kazuki SAITO Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University Plant metabolomics and phytochemical genomics
2015 Yasunori MACHIDA Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University Mechanism of cytokinesis of plant cells
2014 -    
2013 Mikio NISHIMURA Department of Cell Biology, National Institute of Basic Biology (NIBB) Organelle Differentiation in Plants
Ikuko HARA-NISHIMURA Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University  
2012 Ken-ichiro SHIMAZAKI Faculty of Science, Kyushu University Studies on plant responses to blue light ─ Stomatal responses and phototropins
2011 Hiroo FUKUDA Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo A regulation network in plant vascular development
2010 Kiyotaka OKADA National Instutute for Basic Biology (NIBB) Molecular genetic analysis of development processes of plant organs using Arabidopsis as model plant
2009 Kazuo SHINOZAKI RIKEN Plant Science Center Gene Discovery Involved in Abiotic Stress Responses and Its Application to Development of Stress Tolerant Plants
kazuko YAMAGUCHI-SHINOZAKI Graduate School of Agricurtural and Life Sciences, The Univ. of Tokyo  
2008 Satoshi TABATA Kazusa DNA Research Institute Genome Analysis of Plant and Plant-related Microbes
2007 Takao KONDO Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University Circadiam oscillator of cyanobacteria
2006 Masamitsu WADA National Instutute for Basic Biology (NIBB) Photoreceptors and the Mechanism of Movement of Chloroplast Photorelocation Movement
2005 Tsuneyoshi KUROIWA College of Science, Rikkyo University New development from the discovery of dividing apparatus of mitochondria and plastids to organelle biology- on the complete sequence of 3 genomes in the red alga Cyanidioschzon merolae (Schyzon) as a construction basis of the eukaryotic cell-
2004 Masahiro SUGIURA Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Nagoya City University Mechanisms of Plant Gene Expression via Developing In vitro Systems