Announcement of the Annual Meeting Registration Fee Reduction for JSPP student members affected by natural disasters

JSPP is pleased to announce the Annual Meeting Registration Fee Reduction for the JSPP student members who have been affected by natural disasters. Student members who feel themselves eligible for this action should fill the Request Form with their supervisor’s approval and submit it to the JSPP office, either by fax, email or post. If possible, please attach a Disaster Victim Certificate (Risai or Hisai Shomeisho) issued by a city office. Disasters to be considered are generally those happened within the last one year, though earlier ones may also be considered depending on the situation (please describe in the form).

To simplify the procedure, applicants are asked to first pay the registration fee (either advance or on-site). If a request is approved by the JSPP Executive Board, the fee will be reimbursed around a month after the meeing. Applications should arrive in the JSPP office no later than the last day of the annual meeting. 

The Request Form can be downloaded from the JSPP website Here.