Revision of PCP’s publication fees
                                                                                                                         October 29, 2023
Authors whose articles are accepted for publication in PCP have the choice of making their article freely available online by selecting an Open Access (OA) license, or publishing under a Standard License (non-OA), which makes their article available to subscribers to the journal. The publication charges differ in each case. For all manuscripts submitted from 1st November 2023  (Japan time) onwards, we will introduce a revised pricing structure, designed to significantly reduce the cost for authors publishing in the journal and to simplify the invoicing and payment process. The revised publication charges are set out below.
OA publication (freely available online)
  1. The Article Processing Charge (APC) will remain the same (US$2,995 in 2023)*.
  2. JSPP members are entitled to a 20% discount on the APC.
* Payment of an APC may not be required if the corresponding author is affiliated with an institution which has a Read & Publish agreement with OUP. Click here to see if your institution is participating in one of these agreements.
Standard, non-OA publication (available to subscribers)
  1. Previously authors were required to pay an acceptance fee (£150 for members, £300 for non-members) and excess page charges levied on all pages of an article after the first 8 pages (£100 per page for members, £200 per page for non-members). This has been revised and reduced to a single, lower-cost page charge, which is applicable to all pages (US$50 per page). JSPP members are exempt from page charges.
  2. All invited articles are exempt from page charges.
All charges will be set in US$ as opposed to GBP (authors will have the option to pay online in alternative currencies, converted at the daily market exchange rate).
These changes have been made in order to make the publication process easier and lower cost for all authors (authors of published articles of 10 pages, for example, will see a price reduction of around 40%). We very much hope to receive submissions of your best work in the journal. If you are interested in becoming a member of the JSPP, please go to the following link:
Table 1. Comparison of previous and revised PCP publication charges
APC US$2,995
APC US$2,995
JSPP member
APC US$2,995
APC US$2,396(20% discount)
Acceptance fee £300 + £200 per excess page
Eg. 10-page regular paper = £700 (300 + 200 x 2) (approx. US$860)
Single page charge (US$50 per page)
Eg. 10-page regular paper = US$500
JSPP member
Acceptance fee £150 + £100 per excess page
Eg. 10-page regular paper = £350 (150 + 100 x 2)
Eg. 10-page regular paper = Free
Note: Publication fees can be paid by bank transfer (remittance) or credit card.