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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and an honor to announce that Japan-Taiwan Plant Biology 2019 (JTPB2019) will be held on March 14 to 16, 2019, at Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. Registration is open now, and we invite you to attend this second joint meeting.

JSPP (Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists) and TSPB (Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists) represent major scientific societies in Japan and Taiwan, respectively, both established in the late 1950’s partly as a nation-representing plant science community tied with International Association of Plant Physiologists. Both societies promote communication within the members who are engaged or interested in researches on plant physiology and related subjects, ranging from basic sciences, agriculture, to pharmacology. Sharing the history and scientific background in plant research, both societies have been seeking for an opportunity for strengthening their intimate interactions, and agreed to co-organize a joint meeting. After the great success in the first joint meeting of TJPB2017 in Taiwan, we decided to organize the second one, JTPB2019, in Nagoya. The venue is Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus), which is conveniently located (25 minute subway ride from Nagoya station).

JTPB2019 takes place as an extension of the JSPP annual meeting, which is open to both TSPB and JSPP members who wish to attend and present their scientific findings. We offer financial support for students and young researchers, who we hope be exposed to an international atmosphere through the presentation of their own work.

In this exciting joint meeting, we arrange eight Keynote talks from the leading scientists in plant biology, twelve concurrent oral sessions that include four speakers’ and a few selected talks from your poster applications, and poster sessions. Each concurrent session will be co-chaired by designated JSPP and TSPB members. In addition to the scientific activity, we offer you Conference Gala Dinner at a wonderful, traditional BBQ restaurant in Nagoya.

Finally, we sincerely hope the meeting will bring us successful scientific and social forum for plant science.

Don’t miss and join this exciting joint meeting!

Dr. Tetsuro Mimura
Dr. Tetsuro Mimura
Dr. Tetsuro Mimura
President, Japanese Society fo Plant Physiologists
Dr. Ming-Tsair Chan
Dr. Ming-Tsair Chan
Dr. Ming-Tsair Chan
President, Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists

Important Dates

Keynote Speakers

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