March 16-1/, 2012 Kyoto Sangyo University

General Information

Invitation to the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists

You are cordially invited to the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Plant Physiologists, JSPP, to be held on March 16-18, 2012, in Kyoto. The meeting will cover many exciting subjects in the field of plant biology.

1. Date

Friday, March 16 through Sunday, March 18, 2012

2. Venue

Kyoto Sangyo University
(Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-Ku, Kyoto-City 603-8555, Japan)

3. Presentations

Membership in JSPP is a requirement for presentation. Each member may present a paper in one of the sessions during the meeting. Japanese or English may be used for the presentations and during the discussions. Registration instructions for scientists interested in attending or presenting can be found below. If you are not a JSPP member at the present time, please plan to become a member for 2012. Applicants may fill out an application form, which is located on the JSPP website, and send the completed form to the JSPP office.

3-1. Oral presentations

Oral presentations are limited to 14 minutes and 30 seconds, including the discussion time. All sessions will be held in rooms that have LCD projectors that are to be operated by the presenter or their colleagues. Chairpersons may interpret as needed during the question and answer time.

3-2. Poster presentations

Poster presentations will also be accepted. Poster presenters must be in attendance for the scheduled poster session.

4. Symposia

Twenty symposia are scheduled. The details of the symposia will be on the website later. All symposium speakers will be selected and invited by the symposium organizers.

5. Banquet and Reception

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012
Place: Kyoto Sangyo University
(Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-Ku, Kyoto-City 603-8555, Japan)
Reservations are required for banquet participants. (See the details below.)

6. Registration for Participation and Presentations

Registration is required of all attendees. Please fill out the registration located at the following web site and submit the form before February 17, 2012.

For paper presentations, please register your paper title together with abstract before December 1, 2011 at the above web site. A list of sessions is attached as a PDF file.

Anyone who wants to present a paper should register for attendance on or before December 1, 2011. Applications for presentations will not be accepted after that deadline.

The program of the meeting will be placed on the website in January 2012.

7. Instruction for Abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted online thorough the website. Please see details on the “Registration” page, and also read the page containing “Notes concerning registration”. The abstract should not exceed 1200 letters and spaces. Figures and tables should not be placed in the abstract.

8. Registration Fee

Registration fee For presenting
a paper*
On or before
December 1, 2011
For only
On or before
February 17, 2012
For only
February 18, 2012
JSPP member 8,000yen 8,000yen 10,000yen
JSPP student member 5,000yen 5,000yen 6,000yen
Non-JSPP member 9,000yen 9,000yen 13,000yen
Banquet 4,000yen 4,000yen 5,000yen

* Presentation: JSPP members only

Symposium speakers are exempt from registration fee, but banquet fee is required. Abstract should be submitted by December 1, 2011.

Students from the Tohoku Earthquake disaster area are exempt from registration fee, if online registration is completed by February 17, 2012. (Banquet fee is required.)

Please consult the registration form for details on how to transfer the registration fee to the JSPP. Please send all fees in Japanese yen. (Note: Members who would like to attend both the meeting and the banquet need to send 12,000 yen when the registration is made on or before February 17, 2012)

The registration fee should be sent by postal giro transfer (Postal account No. 00980-3-147084) by February 17, 2012. However, in case you are coming from overseas and can not pay the fee in advance, please complete online registration by February 17, 2012 and e-mail Organizing Committee (

Receipts will not be issued. Once registration forms and payment have been received, the payment will not be refunded, even if the registration is cancelled.

If you have an accompanying guest(s), please consult the Organizing Committee.

9. Transportation and Accommodations

The Organizing Committee does NOT make travel arrangements.

10. Organizing Committee

Chairperson: Akira Nagatani, Kyoto University
Office: Organizing Committee, 53rd Annual Meeting of JSPP
c/o Nakanishi Printing, Co., Ltd.
Shimotachiuri Ogawa Higashi
Kamigyo-ku Kyoto 602-8048