General Information

3rd Announcement of 2024 (65th) Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists


Please see herePDF.

1. Important Notice
1) Response to new coronavirus infections

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) and influenza have been spreading. This meeting will bring together many people, so we ask that each participant take good care of his or her health and wear a mask to prevent infection.
Please note that the information in this document is subject to change depending on outbreaks of infectious diseases. Please see the latest information on the meeting website.

2) Hybrid meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held in a hybrid style, with poster presentations on-site and all presentations other than poster presentations, including oral presentations, symposia and ceremonies, at the Kobe International Conference Center. Online participants are requested to log in to the web abstracts (ORSAM portal) on the Annual Meeting website. After logging in, you can attend all sessions, including oral presentations, symposia, award ceremonies, luncheon seminars and related meetings. You can also view posters and chat with presenters online. Poster presentations of high school students’ biological research will be given on-site but will not be distributed online.
For the latest information on the Annual Meeting, please visit the Annual Meeting website.

3) Program
  • A simple program booklet will be sent only to participants who have paid the registration fee.
4) Abstract Book
  • The program and abstracts are accessible electronically via the ORSAM portal site.
  • The PDF for the Abstract Book can be downloaded from the meeting website only by participants who have paid the registration fee.
5) Registration of attendance [see also section 2]
  • The deadline for registration and payment of the registration fee is February 6th (Tue), 2024. Please note that even if you have registered online, you will not be able to participate if you have not paid the registration fee by the deadline. The password for logging into the ORSAM portal site will be sent to registered participants in early March.
  • On-site registration is available at the venue. We only accept cash payments.
6) Oral Presentation [see also section 3]

Oral presentations, including symposia, luncheon seminars, and award lectures will be held both on-site and via Zoom meetings.

7) Poster presentations [see also section 3]
  • Poster viewings and discussions will be held on-site. You can also view posters and chat with presenters online.
About the Meeting Logo

The logo of the Kobe Annual Meeting was designed by Seita Watanabe, Osaka Public University Botanical Garden. The logo features the red port tower of Kobe Port and a ship’s anchor, and is decorated with hydrangea, the city flower of Kobe, and sasanqua, the city tree, to symbolize Kobe, a city surrounded by the sea and mountains.

2. Registration of Participants
  • Participants will receive a nametag, a receipt, and a program. The password for logging into the ORSAM portal site will be sent to registered participants in early March.
  • Visit on-site registration desk and pay the fee(s) shown below for on-site registration. We only accept cash payments. The registration desk may be congested shortly before the start of sessions on Day 1. Those who will register on-site and those who did not bring their nametags are requested to visit the desk in plenty of time.
  On-site registration fee
(including fee for online access
to the Abstract Book)
Banquet fee
JSPP, TSPB, ASPB member 12,000yen (tax free) 13,000yen (tax included)
JSPP, TSPB, ASPB student member 5,000yen (tax free) 10,000yen (tax included)
Non-member 15,000yen (tax included) 13,000yen (tax included)
  • If you wish to attend the reception on the day of the reception, please pay the reception fee at the reception desk by 12:00 pm on the day of the reception (March 18).
  • Undergraduate students and junior- and high-school students and leading teachers can attend this Meeting free of charge regardless of their JSPP membership. Please see “registration” page on the Meeting website. Although these participants cannot access the online Abstract book or receive a printed program, they can download the program from the meeting website.
  • Always wear your name tag at the venue. The Meeting Committee will check your name tag.
3. Notes for Presenters

Regardless of the language of the presentation, all figures and tables should be prepared in English. In preparing figures and tables, please refer to the website of Barrier-Free Presentation Methods for Colorblind People (

1) General presentations

1. Qualification of presenters

In accordance with JSPP Article 7(3) and 9(2), the presenters of the Annual Meeting must be JSPP members. If you are a presenter who is in the process of enrollment, please complete the procedure and the payment of the membership fee before the Annual Meeting; otherwise, your presentation will be canceled.

2. Style of presentation

The type of presentation (poster or oral presentation) is decided by the program committee to meet the requests at the time of application. Please make sure to confirm the type of presentation through the program before proceeding with your preparations.

3. Poster presentations

Posters should be in English. The Poster panel is 90cm (width) × 210cm(height from the floor). Pushpins for mounting your poster are provided by the Meeting Committee.

  • Schedule
      Day 1 (March 17) Day 2 (March 18)
    Presentation No. / place 1P01–1P88 / 3rd floor
    1Q01–1Q69 / 5th floor
    2P01–2P90 / 3rd floor
    2Q01–2Q69 / 5th floor
    Mounting March 17 9:00–12:00 March 18 10:30–12:00
    Discussion March 17
    Odd numbers 17:15–18:00
    Even numbers 18:00–18:45
    March 18
    Odd numbers 13:20–14:05
    Even numbers 14:05–14:50
    Removal March 18 9:00–10:30 March 19 13:30–16:00
  • The presenters should be in front of their posters during the discussion time.
  • Any posters remaining after removal time will be removed by the Meeting Committee.
  • Please convert your poster to PDF format so that it can be viewed online. The data size of your poster should be less than 2 MB if possible. The maximum size is 3 MB. Data larger than 3 MB cannot be submitted. We appreciate your cooperation in reducing the load on the system so that many people can participate in the symposium in a comfortable environment.
  • Please upload PDF files to the abstract submission system between February 26 and March 4 (tentative). Uploading instructions will be provided to presenters. Please note that PDF files can only be viewed, not downloaded.
  • Please make sure to upload the PDF file.
  • During the online poster viewing period (March 14, 9:00 a.m. - March 19, 5:00 p.m.), you can also use the comment box on the abstract page of your poster posted on the web abstract portal (ORSAM portal) for questions and answers. Please respond to questions in the comments section in a timely manner.
  • Posters will be available in the Web Abstracts (ORSAM Portal) until March 31, after which they will be automatically deleted. If you wish to have your data deleted immediately after the Annual Meeting, please check the “I wish to have my data deleted” checkbox when uploading your poster.

4. Oral presentations

  • Slides used in oral presentations should be in English. Prepare a brief summary slide in English as the last slide.
  • Each presentation is allotted a 15-min slot, a talk for 12 min and a discussion for 2 min 30 s, followed by a 30 s interval before the next speaker. To keep the session on schedule, please strictly follow the time limits.
  • It is recommended that presentation slides be prepared with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

On-site presentations

  • There will be no preview room at this Annual Meeting. Instead, the room will be opened 15 minutes prior to each session, as the presenters can make operation test.
  • Presenters will connect to the Zoom meeting and share their slides on the screen. The Zoom screen received by the host PC will be projected on the screen at the venue. Since this annual meeting is a hybrid meeting, presentations will not be given via cable connection.
  • Presenters are requested to enter Zoom meeting URL that will be available on the web abstracts (ORSAM portal).
  • Presenters are requested to enter the Zoom meeting before the previous presenter finishes his/her presentation and to wait at the next presenter’s table with the file open. Screen Name should be composed of “Abbreviated affiliation” and “Your name”. After the previous presenter finishes his/her presentation, please “screen share” your presentation file and start your presentation immediately.
  • The SSID and password for the presenter’s Wi-Fi connection will be provided to the presenters at the next presenter’s table. Please be sure to disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection when you finish your presentation.
  • Please set the Zoom meeting with the video camera on and microphone off and use the microphone at the venue for your presentation. Please note that if you make a mistake in the settings, you may cause audio feedback. Audio from the venue will be distributed to online participants via a host PC.
  • Laser pointers cannot be used. Presenters are requested to use the pointer function of their own PCs, as online audience can also see the pointer.
  • Please deactivate “Screen Sharing” after your presentation as soon as possible.
  • Presentations will be streamed via Zoom Meeting and online participants will be able to listen to them on the spot.

Online presentations

  • Online presenters use the Zoom meeting. Presenters are requested to connect to the URL that will be available on the web abstracts (ORSAM portal).
  • Screen Name should be composed of “Abbreviated affiliation” and “Your name.”
  • Zoom meetings will be opened 15 minutes to each session.
  • Please enter the Zoom meeting and have your file open before the previous presenter finishes his/her presentation. After the previous speaker finishes his/her presentation, please tur n on the microphone and camera, “share screen” your presentation file, and start your presentation.
  • Please cancel “Screen Sharing” after your presentation as soon as possible.

Questions and comments

  • During the Q&A session, please follow the chairperson’s instructions. Online participants should use the “raise your hand” function of the Zoom meeting and wait for the chairperson to call you. Please remove your raised hand at the end of the Q&A period.
  • Questions and answers can also be submitted in the comments box on the abstract page of the web abstracts (ORSAM portal). Presenters are requested to reply to the questions and comments by “Reply” in a timely manner.
2) Symposium presentations

The procedures for symposium presentations are the same as those for oral presentations except for the presentation time slots. Please refer to “1) General presentations 4. Oral presentations” above or ask the organizers of your symposium for details.

4. Notes for Chairpersons
  • Please come to the venue at least 15 minutes before the session and give your name to the room attendant (host PC operator / timekeeper).
  • When it’s time, please start your session using the microphone at the venue. Please check the host PC to see if online participants are “raising their hands” to make questions and comments. To avoid sound troubles, please don’t enter the Zoom meeting with your own PC.
  • It is possible that some questions are hard to catch. In such cases, please encourage the audience to ask the question again in a louder voice or briefly repeat the question using the microphone.
  • Participants at the venue will have priority for making questions. Online participants will use Zoom’s hand-raising function. Please nominate a participant who is raising his/her hand and ask him/her to speak after unmuting. After the Q&A session, please instruct the participants to mute again.
5. Free Wireless LAN Service

Wi-Fi accounts that will be available.
Password: kobe2024

6. Information Security

The participants in this Annual Meeting must agree not to tell third parties various passwords and URLs, not to record or shoot presentation screens, and not disseminate unpublished results learned at the meeting. In addition, the presenters should understand that the risk of recording and shooting your presentation and unpublished results will be increased at the online meeting compared with a conventional meeting. On the basis of the consent of the participants to the confidentiality obligation, the annual committee will take measures, such as to prevent participants from recording or shooting the presentation as much as possible.

7. Prohibitions

Taking pictures by the camera, video, cell phone, or audio recording without the permission of the presenter is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to publish the contents of the presentation on the Internet or SNS without the presenter’s permission.

8. Misconduct

All presentations (including symposia, oral presentations, poster presentations, and award presentations) must be free of plagiarism, fabrication, and plagiarism of data, as well as slander, libel, defamation, and other socially unacceptable content that is beyond the scope of academic criticism. If we judge that there is a problem with the content of the presentation, we may request that the content be revised or deleted, or that the presentation itself be cancelled.

9. Patents

Upon the revision of “Operational Guidelines for Applicants Seeking the Application of Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Invention”, a certificate of presentation unnecessary. Therefore, JSPP will not issue such a certificate in this Annual Meeting.

10. Conflict of Interest

If you have any conflicts of interest that should be reported in your presentation at the Annual Meeting, please disclose them.

11. Lunch

Please use restaurants ( and convenience stores around the venue. However, there are not many restaurants in the area. Eating and drinking are allowed in the rest areas in the venue.

12. Cloakroom

The cloakroom will be located on the first basement floor. The cloakroom will be open during the following hours. Please be sure to pick up your baggage before the end of the day.

  March 17th (Sun): 9:00–19:15
  March 18th (Mon): 8:30–17:30
  March 19th (Tue): 8:30–17:00

13. Nursery Service

A nursery service will be set up in the conference venue for participants who bring their children. The nursery will be staffed by outsourced nurser y staff. Those who have pre-registered to use the room will receive an e-mail with details about the terms of use and the official application procedure. Pre-registration has been closed due to reaching capacity. Only those who have pre-registered will be accepted for the formal registration. The deadline for the formal registration is February 29, 2024.

14. Contact Information

Send any questions to the Annual Meeting Committee by e-mail to or visit the registration desk.

15. Banquet

The banquet will be a restaurant cruise (standing style) of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, departing from Kobe Port and passing directly under the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. It takes about 50 minutes from the venue (Kobe International Conference Center) to the boarding point (Naka Jetty Passenger Terminal 2F / Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel 2F) via Sannomiya by subway (get on at Sannomiya-Hanadokei-Mae Station and get off at Minato-Motomachi Station on the Kaigan Line) and on foot. Participants (limited to those who have made reservations in advance or registered on the day of the event and paid the registration fee) are requested to bring their participation certificates and to be at the boarding area (Naka Jetty Passenger Terminal 2F) by 18:10. Registration will take place at the boarding area before boarding, and boarding is scheduled to begin at 18:30. Please note that more information about the reception will be posted on the Annual Meeting website.

  Meeting place: Naka Jetty Passenger Terminal 2F (Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel 2F) (
  Registration: 17:30–18:10
  Boarding begins: 18:30

Although there is plenty of room for participants, the seating style may be changed depending on circumstances such as the reemergence of COVID-19 infection. If the number of participants exceeds the maximum number, we plan to accept registrations in the order in which they are received.
After registering for the reception (in advance or on the day of the reception), you will be asked to confirm your boarding before boarding the ship on the day of the reception.
The deadline for shipboarding confirmation at the reception desk is 18:20. Please be punctual as the reception will be held on a cruise ship.

16. JSPP Awards Ceremony and Award Lectures

Date and time: March 18th (Mon) 15:00–17:00

Venue: Room Z

Please see the program p. 17 for details. Please see the programPDF.

17. Symposia

Ten symposia will be held at the 65th Annual Meeting. For the contents and purpose of each symposium, please see the program p. 18 for details. Please see the programPDF.

Day 1, March 17th (Sun) 9:30–12:30
♦S01   Stomatal research frontline -From molecules and cells to individual organisms- (Room X)
♦S02   Interactions between Plants and Atmosphere: from Atom to Ecosystem (Room Y)
♦S03   Unveil the enigma of plant actuators: exploring molecular and evolutionary mechanisms and engineering applications (Room Z)

Day 1, March 17th (Sun) 14:00–17:00
♦S04   Genetic transfer technology for plants and its associated sciences (Room X)
♦S05   Creating new molecules to manipulate plant functions (Room Y)
♦S06   Local and systemic signaling for environmental responses in plants (Room Z)

Day 2, March 18th (Mon) 9:00–12:00
♦S07   Plant and Algal Lipids: How they cope with environment by modifying lipids? (Room Y)
♦S08   Survival strategies and its molecular basis of plants through switching life histories (Room Z)

Day 3, March 19th (Tue) 9:00–12:00
♦S09   Bio-metal Strategies of Living Organisms (Room Y)

Day 3, March 19th (Tue) 13:30–16:30
♦S10   Multilayered Regulation of Plastid and Mitochondrial genomes and gene expression (Room Y)

18. Special Program: “Research Presentations by High School Students”

A special program, “Research Presentations by High School Students” will be held during the Annual Meeting. It is expected that many high school students will participate in the special program and carry out the active discussion. Awards will be given to high school students on a competitive basis. The abstracts of poster presentations by high school students will be distributed as a separate supplement (PDF).

Date and time: March 19th (Tue) 10:30–15:00

Venue: Kobe International Conference Center B1 floor (On-site only)

19. Luncheon Seminars

Registration is not required. Please see the outline on the meeting website and the program p. 28 for details. Please see the programPDF.

♦PCP Luncheon Seminar “PCP’s expanding vision for the next four years”

Date and time: March 17th (Sun) 12:45–13:45
Venue: X
Organizer: PCP Editors Committee
Sponsor: Oxford University Press

♦EVIDENT Luncheon Seminar

Date and time: March 18th (Mon) 12:15–13:15
Venue: H
Organizer: EVIDENT corp.

♦JSPP Luncheon Seminar “An Encouragement of Studying/Working Abroad”

Date and time: March 18th (Mon) 12:15–13:15
Venue: X
Organizer: JSPP International Committee

♦JSPP Luncheon Seminar “Let’s start a company”

Date and time: March 19th (Tue) 12:15–13:15
Venue: H
Organizer: JSPP Gender Equality Committee

20. Satellite Meetings

Please see the outline on the program p. 32 for details. Please see the programPDF.

♦The 26th Plant Organelle Workshop

Date and time: March 16th (Sat) (The day before the Meeting), 13:00–18:50
Venue: Convention Hall, Integrated Research Center of Kobe University
Representative Organizer: Yoshiki Nishimura (Kyoto University)

♦The 41st Meeting of the Japanese Society for Young Plant Physiologists

Date and time: March 16th (Sat) (The day before the Meeting), 14:30–17:00
Venue: Room C
Representative Organizer: Takehiro Ito (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

♦19th Japan Plasmodesmata Meeting

Date and time: Day 1, March 17th (Sun), 19:00–21:00
Venue: Room G
Representative Organizer: Yuji Fujimoto (Rikkyo University)

♦Plant Science Presentation Workshop 2024 “Let’s Speak, Communicate, and Connect!”

Date and time: Day 1, March 17th (Sun), 19:00–21:00
Venue: Room H
Representative Organizer: Chihiro Furumizu (Hiroshima University)

♦3rd Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes

Date and time: Day 1, March 17th (Sun), 19:00–21:00
Venue: Room X
Representative Organizer: Jiro Harada (Kurume University)

♦Phytohormones Analysis Workshop

Date and time: Day 3, March 19th (Tue), 13:30–16:00
Venue: Room B
Representative Organizer: Masashi Asahina (Teikyo University)

21. JSPP Committee Meetings

Date and time: March 16th (Sat) (The day before the meeting)
17:00–19:30 Board of Delegates’ Meeting
The other committee meetings will be held onsite or online on other dates.
The invitations will be sent to the committee members from the JSPP Secretariat.

“2nd Announcement of 2024 (65th) Annual Meeting”

“1st Announcement of 2024 (65th) Annual Meeting”